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Port smithy on the Ronne:

The distinctive timber-framed building "Port Smithy" on the corner of Harbour Street and Harbour Square is one of its origins over 260 years old building.

The built namely in 1735 as ammunition house attached to it during Ronne citizen company standing guardhouse and artillery port battery with ramparts.

One older ammunition house with a thatched roof was about the same place, it was sold in 1735 for 15 Delete dollars and 1 Mark, the sum of individual captain's request would be responsible for maintenance of the in 1729 built a new citizen watch south of amrnunitionshuset.

This is clearly seen in Thuras prospectus of 1756 over the Ronne seen from the lake, and is also listed on his otherwise not be reliable maps, where it is termed "Ammunition house".

After the artillery depots in 1843 by the construction of several new buildings were gathered at the Citadel, was "Amrnunitionshuset" at the harbor superfluous.

It was taken over by the port system and fitted out to the warehouse, after the building was moved a little to make room for the shipyard, and turned from the former north-south to east-west, as it now stands.

Since were here then port smithy.

With over 150 years, it is probably Bornholm's oldest smithy, and there are not many in Denmark, which is ældre.Bygningen is now totally protected and maintained under the supervision of the Danish Forest and Nature Agency.

After the port smithy was closed as an active workshop, stood idle for a while. Ronne municipality was interested in the fact that it was used to-something sensible and it was preserved as a smithy.

Metal Bornholm retirees and early retirees, also called "Seniors", was interested in taking over the port forge and use it as a gathering place where the old smedefag could continue as in ancient times by fire in the forge and hammer on glowing jern.Den fourth April 1990 they began and through the years many people come to visit Tuesday morning between the hours; 08:00 and 11:00 to see how the old black smiths can shape the glowing iron for things that can be decorative or used in everyday life.

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